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​​​  Most of our adult lives are spent building a business, working for others, or engaged in an occupation or profession that will help us create sufficient income or capital to make a difference in the lives of our family. Each of us, including our family members or those we wish to support once we've gone, has different needs, aspirations and abilities.

     In the past several years we have concentrated on estate management:  guiding persons with the creation of a will that best serve their wishes, and most importantly, helping to minimize potential tax liability that could have had an impact on the net value of bequests to their beneficiaries.


Everyone needs  powers of attorney and a will :
   • When we travel to other parts of the world and need someone to look after our business affairs.
   • When we are no longer capable of looking after our affairs - or living in our own home
   • When we want to ensure that our loved ones are taken care of after we pass on.

   We will help you in choosing what's good for you and those closest to you, using over 50 years experience in understanding  family dynamics and  identifying those special areas of needs and available assistance programs and facilities. .


Norman D. Griesdorf, Q.C.